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June 4th, 2020
Online Meetings

Global Online B2B Meetings on Space Technologies & Services.

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We connect the Space industry Leaders through One2One Events such as ESA Industry Space Days, Paris Space Week, New Space Show, Toulouse Space Show, London Space Week... With 550,000 pre-scheduled business meetings per year.

Space Innovation is moving at an amazing pace and We bring you what most of you are seeking: A  Swift  and Economical Solution to connect Space Leaders on a Global scale.

The Space Sector Online Meetings are dedicated to decision-makers from all over the World Who are users or manufacturers of Space Technologies and who wish to connect to the first Global network of Space Leaders in a short time without having to travel.  Welcome to 2020! 

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The World Space Connection that brings together the Actual & New players.


  • Key Accounts & Space Agencies
    Looking for Solutions from Purchasing, R&D and Innovation Department’s Representatives. They represent Space actors but also Sectors requiring Space solutions such as Automotive, Rail, Aeronautics, Naval, Defense, Agriculture, Environment…
  • Suppliers, Start-Ups & Research Laboratories
    Providing dedicated goods, services or R&D to multi-sector Space applications, Launchers, Satellites, Space-related Technologies and any need of New Inventions!
  • Venture Capitals & Investors
    Approved Investor profiles: Corporate Venture, Seed Capital, Capital risk, Family Office, Loan and subsidy, Business angels network and Banks.

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The Fastest way to have access to the many Space actors & Leaders Anywhere in the World.


    Space Online Meetings is THE Opportunity to find New Concepts to Improve the Accuracy and Timing of the Information that the Space Applications provide (Data Collection, 3D Simulation, Numeric Models, Observation...). More than 30 sectors of activity such as the Automotive, Rail, Naval, Defense, Environmental and Agricultural sectors are represented through their largest Key accounts by sector.
    200+ suppliers covering the Satellite supply chain (of which 80 for smallsat), including Manufacturing, Applications, Operations and Data processing. Meet Privately with the final decision-makers in the Global Satellite Stakeholder circle.
    Heavy Launchers,reusable or not, in the Next Catapult Generations, Meet the Actual or New Players of the Spatial Launcher’s Industry. Imagine new utilizations, integrate other sector’s Technologies.
    Whether travelling near Earth or deep into our Solar System, every Spacecraft is supported by a sophisticated 'Ground Segment' including: Computer Systems, Software, Telecommunication Networks and other Resources that enable Engineers and Scientists to send up commands and receive data from the “on board” Instruments. You will have the Opportunity to Meet Major Actors related to this Field of Activity.

Why take part in the Space Online Meetings?


  • The Space Online Meetings gives you the Opportunity to meet all the Professionals, whether They are located in your Area or on the Other side of the World, at a Low cost and from the Location of your choice!
  • Meet Targeted decision-makers
  • Increase your Turnover and your New Business
  • Develop your Brand’s Image
  • Find out the new needs in terms of Space applications
  • Discover the Innovations that will Widen your Vision of your own Business through private and confidential interactions.


Key Figures


  • 500 Decision-makers from 60 Countries
  • +30 Application sectors represented in addition to the Space Industry
  • 6,000 Premium, Private and Secure Online Business meetings.

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Current program

In-orbit results of TOTEM SDR in a wildfire detection mission

Alén Space provides a fast, flexible and unexpensive approach to Space with custom-made, reliable and avant-garde solutions.

In this conference Alén Space presents space results TOTEM a Software Defined Radio for nanosatellites. It can act as a communication payload for different applications as well as an On-Board Computer and, due to its flexible architecture.

This is the case of the University of Vigo’s mission LUME-I, a nanosatellite launched on December 2018 within a Interreg SUDOE project for wildfire detection. TOTEM device is flying on board of this satellite implementing the following services:

  • M2M/IoT system payload
  • ADS-B receiver
  • RF Spectrum Monitoring payload
  • S-Band high datarate transmitter
  • All in the same board using several antennas. Here the in-orbit performance of TOTEM and some results of each application, all of them commissioned by June 2019.

Besides historic space programmes in the domains of science and defence, where CNES is traditionally aprime player, space can also be a key driver of economic, social and environmental development forbusinesses. New applications are now being opened up by space technologies and solutions in associationwith big data and arti cial intelligence. In this context, we created our Connect by CNES programme tosupport and federate the space user community in France, Europe and around the world. Connect by CNESchiey covers sectors that are going to prove crucial to our future, such as the environment, healthcare andmobility, working with partners from all horizons|from start-ups to large industrial groups and publicinstitutions. To help them complete their projects, we advise them and give them access to our top expertsand tools. We also assist them with incubation, booster, training and funding processes. Our strong networkof partners covers all of France and we are present in every region in key locations like Station F in Paris orStart-Up City in Toulouse. Our goal in 2020, more than ever before, is to fuel technologies et datas spacespin-o, technologies transfer and spawn future business champions.

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